How To Customize A Gift Card

How To Customize A Gift Card

A gift voucher is a type of scrip. It is therefore not legally paid but can be used under special circumstances in exchange for goods. Gift cards can be used to buy well from a particular dealer or group of retailers.

The reason why gift coupons are used is psychological, because there are no logical reasons to buy gift vouchers unless the nominal value of it is greater than the money exchanged for it. People often buy gift vouchers as gifts (hence the name) as it is considered more caring than giving money as a gift. This is because the donor must have attempted to collect the gift vouchers, rather than simply transferring money as they already had with them.

Leave it late, but what can you do to personalize the voucher you print on the internet?

Weve all heard the saying: Thats the thought that matters. So think about it and be creative. With some extra details you can really personalize the gift card using your imagination and the recipient is likely to feel special and appreciated. Its probably why you give a gift in the first place.

How can you do this? Its all in the presentation and lets be honest. Opening an envelope is not really exciting. Use the idea of ​​the gift card and extend it by selecting a theme that is relevant to the recipient or coupon. The key is to be thoughtful and creative.

Here are some suggestions weve made that you can change to fit the recipient and gift card you selected.

The feminine hand

An example of a spa package coupon is to take a nice box, line it with some tissue paper and place a few things in the box that are relevant to the coupon, ie a mini-badgel and body lotion. Place the coupon between the other items, put the lid on the box and tie a tape around it.

Simple and efficient

Another idea with less cost saved on additional items is to decorate the box. Take a music coupon for example - insert the coupon yourself with some music paper, lint the box with some tissue paper and sprinkle some decorative scatters through the box. Scatters are small plastic decorative features in different shapes. They can be purchased at craft shops and there is a wide range of designs including notes and musical instruments.


If you feel the recipient pretty well and feel that they are retarding a little (know that they have a good sense of humor) - this is a fun idea for you. Take a box and place the gift card on the bottom of it, fill in the box of things that the person probably will not appreciate, such as foods they do not like or cheap items like supermarket-based instant noodles and free packages of soy sauce. Look at their facial expressions when they try to pretend they like the present and finally the look of relief and surprise when they find the coupon at the bottom. For the right person, this idea works well - especially in a group situation where someone else can film the opening insignificantly. Of course, this will only appeal to people who appreciate the joke, so be careful, thats all in good humor and we encourage you not to upset anyone.


Another fun idea is to insert the coupon several times, on each layer of cover place a post it note / label with a handwritten compliment or uplifting statement. This idea will make the recipient feel amazing before reaching the coupon. A good idea for the person in your life who needs a little get me.

Exciting expectation

Hot air ballooning is a fairly popular experience gift. Here is an idea to present the presentation of the coupon to the next level. Print the coupon in paper form, fold it along twice, roll it up and secure it with an elastic band. Insert the coupon called inside a balloon and blow it up, tie the balloon and secure the coupon inside. Write a card with instructions for the recipient to pop up the balloon to reveal the coupon.


Department stores are well received by those who have special needs and wishes. To add something extra to the gift, you should include a catalog from the store so they can choose the item they will buy with your voucher. You may want to make a note of some things that you think the recipient might want and dogear these pages. You can write a personal message inside the directory and keep the coupon next to it. To finish, wrap it up nicely with some paper and tie a band around it.

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